la vie Boheme

Harlow Skin Co. uses only whole ingredients - under 12 whole ingredients, to be exact. This Vancouver-based company believes that when you’re nourished, empowered & making purposeful decisions about what goes on your body, the positive effects cascade through your life … and if that sounds like too much just know that at least they are cascading along your super soft and good smelling skin.

natural body moisturizer

The Body Balm-Boheme by Harlow Skin Co is a shea, coconut oil, olive oil and Canadian beeswax [those bees say Sorry] based blend with an aromatic and warm scent of palo santo, sweet citrus + chamomile. It’s a great pre-bedtime ritual because it melts right into skin and the aroma-therapeutic effects of the fragrance is very chill. I used it right up in the Winter-Spring snakeskin-to-human body transition and felt great about it … <3