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After 15 years as a hair stylist for fashion brands, celebrities & media outlets, Helen Reavey had seen the good, the bad, and the ugly - and knew it all came down to scalp health. Helen made her goals a reality by creating Act+Acre, offering nutrient rich products that are good for your hair & scalp as well as for the environment.

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Act+Acre ingredients go through a cold process method so that they maintain the highest nutrients levels. The cold process method uses ice cold water at high pressure, to combine essential oils & ingredients, saving energy by not using heat. Using cold water takes longer to create their products but helps the active ingredients stay fresh & highly potent. Cleanse your hair with Act+Acre’s Cold Processed Hair Cleanse. The Hair Cleanse will rebalance while delivering nourishment to your hair & scalp. Created to also fight against damage, the Cold Processed Hair Cleanse is just what your hair needs to be revamped. The Cold Processed Hair Conditioner is rich in natural oils & will leave your hair hydrated and soft. Also restoring shine to your hair, the Cold Processed Hair Conditioner will leave your hair looking and feeling great. For long term health of your hair, add the Cold Processed Scalp Detox to your weekly routine. The Scalp Detox removes build up of products and pollution, giving nutrients to the hair follicle. Give your hair just what it needs with these Cold Processed Hair products by Act+Acre.

Does This: Nourishes hair & scalp while restoring shine & softness
Is This: Cold Processed Hair Cleanse, Hair Conditioner & Scalp Detox by Act+Acre
Get This:
Price: $28-Hair Cleanse $28-Hair Conditioner $42-Scalp Detox