one ocean, many hearts

One Ocean Beauty is a breakthrough, scientifically proven beauty & wellness brand rich in marine ingredients and formulated with blue biotechnology. Importantly, One Ocean Beauty partners with Oceana to help protect & restore the world’s oceans - so you’re protecting the Earth while protecting your skin with the best the waves have to offer.

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The Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturizer is protective marine actives from the Antarctic combined with nutrient-rich algae from the seas of Japan. Clinically proven to be protective against extreme cold, it helps retain moisture and has been a life-saver for me heading into the harsh winter months. Easily absorbed and seriously light weight, it keeps my skin feeling lush all day long.

And since we are all about collagen around here, we were thrilled to see/sea the Marine Collagen Supplements. Inspired by a Mediterranean diet, the Marine Collagen Supplements are sourced from deep water fish, combined with vitamins, nutrients and essential fatty acids. The result? A super supplement that will combat irritation, inflammation & oxidative stress which leads to premature aging.