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Inspired by a horrible armpit rash on an anniversary weekend getaway, Bedrock was born. Desperate to find some relief, founder Rachel turned to zinc oxide and set out to create a truly safe, pure, small batch option for zinc skincare solutions. I myself turned to zinc oxide when I had my own horrible rash (perioral dermatitis) but I was using baby cream so I smelled like a little buttcheek. Rachel’s products are a definite adult upgrade (but they’re safe for babies too).

Why I’m so into it for summer? 2 words: BIKINI ZONE. Whether shaving or waxing I really have issues with ingrowns and bumps and find a layer of this SERIOUSLY minimizes these kinda ugly things by protecting this sensitive zone (made all the more sensitive by ripping/slicing off hairs).


Skin cells love zinc’s powerful mineral properties which include fighting inflammation, protecting skin’s immune integrity, and helping to build collagen (i.e. help heal) - so when you think about it, it’s basically an ultimate healer - protecting skin from further damage/bacteria while nurturing the healing process. Bedrock Balm is thicker & extremely concentrated so you won’t need much to help your skin.