well fed

The New New Age is beyond a skincare brand. Founded in 2012 by Katie & Stephen Hotchkiss, they are committed to providing the highest quality medicinal, culinary & tonic herbs for the benefit of both human & environmental health, well-being and resilience. Born in LA as s Public Benefit Corporation, The New New Age eventually moved to Stephen’s family farm in Ontario, Canada in order to grow healthy herbs in a manner that was also restorative to the environment, focusing on re-wilding and giving back to the land and community. So in short - that’s what I’ve been putting on my face every night! Needless to say it feels great.


Skin Food by The New New Age is completely organic and safe for sensitive skin. Created with organic, virgin coconut oil, raw wildcrafted cocoa butter and unrefined treatment-free beeswax, it has a fairly low melting point (which is really important for me in a natural skincare balm - if it’s hard in the jar, I’m not going to love putting it on my face on a cold evening). That said - the picture on the Urban Outfitters website shows it completely melted (probably under hot studio lights) and don’t worry, it’s not going to be oil in a jar unless you leave it in the hot sun! It smells, of course, absolutely amazing … more chocolate than coconut. My skin does truly eat it up at night and I love that I can put it on my lips, eyes etc. We receive a ton of product for this blog but this is something I actually bought for myself at Urban and will continue to buy. At $24 for a pretty huge jar, a little goes a long way.