roll up

The mother-daughter team behind Honestly Margo stands for a sisterhood of strong women and celebrates women’s ability to be empowered & confident. Their products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and are cruelty free and made in America.

With all this said you might be picturing something modern, something serious, something that does not conjure up the fun of THIS LIP GLOSS ROLLER.

roller girl.JPG

We received the ALEXIS Watermelon Roller Girls Roll-On Lipgloss ages ago and I ripped it open while still in the car … and immediately rolled it on. I was so psyched to have this retro, yummy, glossy thing … so psyched that I must have thrown it up in the air with joy because I didn’t see it for MONTHS until my husband had the car serviced and they gave us a little bag containing a plastic frog, hair elastics, and this lost lost baby girl.

She rolls on easy, gives lips with a crystal clear shine, and tastes like watermelon. What else is there to say really? ROLL UP to it.