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Cooluli was born in Brooklyn, when founders discovered a need in the market for portable, high-end mini cooling systems. With a mission to use only the highest quality materials, the result’s been rave reviews of quality, efficiency & convenience of Cooluli’s products … and the benefit to you is YOU CAN GET THE BEST BEAUTY FRIDGE for under $50.

beauty fridge
best beauty fridge amazon

I found the Cooluli on Amazon because I was testing facial rollers and wanted to make sure they were holding cold … of course it’s become my vanity staple and it actually acts in a way like a spa treatment because of how deeply it cools your beauty stuff

The things that benefit from refrigeration include:

  • Volatile naturals like Vitamin C serums

  • Eau de Toilettes, especially fresher, citrus scents

  • Face masks including sheet masks

  • Eye masks and eye creams and serums

  • Metal and stone facial rollers as it will help them further depuff your skin

  • Water and juices for your wake up routine!

You do have to find a plug location that works for you, so check that out before you invest in this cutie.