intergalactic mask fantastic

Glowhill is a K-Beauty giant that really delivers the fun, packaging cuteness, and results you expect from that massively innovative skincare destination.


We loved these masks not just for the unique experience and chill out effects of just scooping the stuff out and applying it, but also for the afterglow. The Aurora Whitehole Glow Mask [ok the name, but anyway …. ] is a dreamily brightening unicorn experience that goes on cooling, turns you into a sparkly thing, then dries and peels to leave skin glowing.

For deep space waste removal, Glowhill’s Xenovers Black Glow Mask explores the black holes that are your pores with tourmaline and charcoal, and dries to remove impurities when you peel it off. The texture and color is, needless to say, epic-ly hologramtastic.