Axiology is Organic Lipstick

organic lipstick

Axiology was born in Ericka Rodriguez's kitchen. Created with only 10 all-natural ingredients that ... she (and probably you) could find in your kitchen, Axiology is safe enough to eat. Which makes sense, right? It's also dope to look at and has a vintage-y pop-up metal case that is as satisfying as knowing your mouth is clean n' safe (at least, before you open it).

axiology natural lipstick.jpg


Not only is Axiology created with vegan, natural ingredients, it goes on highly pigmented and ultra-moisturizing. The Intrinsic shade is gives a nice subtle shimmer, like lip balm but boosted, and True is that classic romantic blue-undertoned red with a hint of shimmer - a possible new cult classic amongst organic brands.

Does This: Provides long lasting color while hydrating lips with all-natural, organic ingredients
Is This: Intrinsic & True by Axiology
Get This: Intrinsic & True
Price: $30-Intrinsic  $30-True

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