A Brush with Greatness

So Tatum would like to share that it takes her literally almost an hour to brush, dry and straighten her hair ... Sadly it takes me about 5 minutes because my hair is so fine, and I could probably do it with a baby comb and God's own breeze, but that doesn't stop me from falling in love with hair tools on the regular. I saw a heated brush in Asia and I couldn't find anything like it in the U.S., until this GLOSSIE Ceramic Styling Brush by Instyler came our way. It delivers instant shiny, straight and smooth hair with the same effort it takes to brush your hair out.

heat styling brush

You just plug it in, heat it up (from 300-450 F), and the ceramic heat distributes through the surface of the brush. You can use it with the black part down (then it's just shaped like a regular brush) to comb through and de-frizz and static your hair (with the ionic bristles), and/or you can open it as shown ... then the outer piece clamps your hair down to create tension for a smoother more flat-ironed look. It's also easy to create body in your hair by curling it slightly around the brush.

In short, I don't NEED it, but I seriously love it.