Detox in a Vitamin? & Other Pills We Popped

I feel like everywhere I look someone is saying they drank some kind of lemon/charcoal/snail whatever cleanse and it "for real totally changed my" whatever click bait nonsense. So, how did we get to a post about a cleanse vitamin ...

People in my office were taking HUM Nutrition supplements and were impressed by the concept, quality and the personalized factor (you take a quiz, but you also have access to a nutrionist). We got an assortment from the brand, and the one I really gravitated towards was the Daily Cleanse - but please know I started with the INGREDIENTS first (not the concept).


It has organic algae (draws out toxins); bladderwrack (for inflammation); beetroot (for bloodflow/stamina); red clover (purifying); maganese (collagen production); selenium (rids body of harmful metals); and green tea. The bottom line is I take green tea, algae and selenium anyway (the latter for hair health), so putting them all together in an easy pill with a bunch of other good stuff seemed great to me.

Our other faves, for similar reasons, are the OMG! Omega the Great & Red Carpet ... If you have mood issues ask your doc about taking Omegas because they super-duper work from what I've experienced and been told by doctors (who normally/also push prescriptions).

As vitamins go, these are also pretty affordable with the added value of the HUM team, and they look cute which somehow motivates me to take them ; )