seriously clever skincare

Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, Ph.D., the Chief Good Scientist at Good Science Beauty, spent over 10 years developing this product with her team … and it’s actually super-inspiring. Her goal was to use science to solve problems without creating new ones - which, when you think about it, is probably your #1 problem with skincare right? It prevents breakouts but leaves you too dry … it plumps your skin but makes you break out. Etc. Their first and currently only product (a strategy that I LOVE) is the 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream, which tackles the imbalances caused by city living (or any living really) by combining two ingredients that work together to unblock pores, reduce oiliness and blemishes, and restore skin. Those 2 guys are antimicrobial willow bark and moisturizing amino acids - but there’s more:

IMG-5680 (1).JPG

They deliver this in a patented product called Good Silcon+. This is not the same as Silicone, which is man made. Silicon is a mineral already present in your body. Good Science Beauty creates pockets in minute particles of silicon that hold onto the active ingredients like really effective and caring UPS folks. They wrap these packages in lipids and amino acids to retain the freshness of the ingredients. Lipids are an essential component of the outer skin layer, so skin is attracted to them and draws them in. Good Silicon+ is positively charged, while skin has a negative charge - and since opposites attract (I guess - I honestly don’t remember any of this stuff from science class), again your skin draws the product in effectively. Once this package is received and your skin gets the goods, it dissolves into orthosilicic acid, another naturally occurring chemical that boosts collagen production.

It’s neat huh? I was impressed. The cream feels super light and works for me day and night - usually I am terrified to use any moisturizer that isn’t natural oil, and then only at night. But this has me converted.

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