All Over This (John Julia)

Created with the belief that your face and body skin deserve equal attention and equally potent natural ingredients, JOHN JULIA has truly embraced maxing out your softness with a minimalist approach. Solar-power, recyclable glass, and sustainable sourced ingredients are at the heart of his ethos. If you try one thing, let it be the Super Rose Serum- its a truly unique formula feel that's super light and non-greasy, but very moisturizing, and has a beautiful natural scent. Admittedly, there is something very luxe about slathering a serum good enough for your face all over your bod.

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 super rose serum

The Calendula Coconut Toner is also gorgeous, and perfect for after gym or after sun cooling. This stuff is *not cheap* but it does deliver and the sizes go A LONG way especially if you mainly keep this good stuff for your cute lil face ; )