say goodnight + go

NIGHT, the NYC based startup that actually isn’t about never sleeping … is out with another chic and minimal sleep aid … the Silk Beauty Eye Mask. Like the pillow before it, this jam helps you get better sleep while reducing wrinkling your face up. The cooling gel insert is removed and placed in the freezer before use which feels AMAZING on your eyes. Guess what it is great for … recovering from CRYING AT NIGHT! Ya’ll know that potential puff hangover … there’s nothing worse.


Created with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial silk, you can rest easy … literally. Also, not to state the obvious but the black color blocks out light which is the most peaceful thing ever. You don’t think it’s a big deal until you try it.

Does This: Prevents wrinkles, reduces puffiness & provides a better nights sleep
Is This: Silk Beauty Eye Mask & Cooling Gel by NIGHT
Get This: HERE
Price: $65.00