we sweat it

Ok, this post pays homage to Lauren Kleban of LEKFit, the only woman on earth who makes me sweat on a regular basis. 

With the whole "athleisure" trend, there's a been a ton of interest in workout related beauty (I mean we said leisure - but OK, maybe people move one muscle once in a while). We checked out a sort of before-and-after sweat regimen and it is working ...

So you know when you go to the gym, and you take off your clothes, and your body is dry as a Triscuit?  I feel like moisturizer ALWAYS makes your body look better, but it is a high-risk operation to slather that on pre-yoga, weights, whatever. sweatWELLth's No Sweat pre-workout spray does the job without greasing you up - it's a super light hydration spray that locks in moisture and you can also mist it in your hair to organize that mess for some cardio dance or whatnot.

gym spray review.jpg

Then you do your thing. And you're drenched in sweat. Purequosa's Shower on-the-go is a unique cleansing body spray that actually stops odor-producing bacteria with colloidal silver. It's full of essential oil hydrosols including bergamot, patchouli, and cistus, so it also chills out your mind. I personally love this because I often don't take a shower until hours after I work out and I feel like the sweat and dirt, especially on my face, is literally building up breakouts ... I spray this on my chest, back, face as a guard against grossness.