faux AF and worth every penny

So I'm fake AF lately, when it comes to staying bronzed. I'm very pale naturally and even gradual tanner can look very orange on me ... my theory was that all self-tanners were the same but I've been proven wrong by this luxury brand, and the enabling of my faux-lifestyle has been frankly amazing. Over five years in development, Tan-Luxe delivers a streak-free, smell-free & no drama tan that truly kicks ass in its glowy, natural glory.

tan luxe self tanner.jpg

The form factors make it super easy to apply - my faves are The Illuminating Self-Tan Drops (The Face) - which you can mix into your moisturizer - the Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion, which builds a light natural color, and the Hydra Mousse which is pretty dark (for me) but really looks hauteeeee if applied and blended with care.

At the end of the day, all self-tanner does smell a little like self-tanner and this is no different, what you are really paying for is the quality of the color and the blend-ability of the formula which I think is worth every penny.     

Does This: Provides a natural looking, golden tan
Is ThisThe Face, The Gradual & The Water by Tan-Luxe
Get ThisThe Face,  The Gradual,  The Water
Price$38-The Face  $24-The Gradual  $57 - The Hydra Mousse