zen and the art of soap

beautiful soaps.jpg

Created in her kitchen out of sheer boredom and curiosity (we get it - we support it) is Denise A. Mitchell's soap and bodycare brand  JEWLU. Starting as a hobby while taking care of her mother, Mitchell has ended up designing truly the coolest hand-crafted soaps we have seen thus far - and one of the rare times we've posted without some inspiration imagery (because the product is inspiring enough).

I mean ???? We died. These are big too ... about 4-5 inches long. Delicate in design, but mega in presence (and presents ... how cool as a gift for someone who invited you to stay).

Every one has a unique design, scent and natural ingredients. The H2O:Amethyst, Lucky Koi, Butterflies & Bamboo, Eye of Horus and the ONYX: Zen Buddha Head are our favorites but there are a ton to discover. The Onyx body polish (not shown) is also an addiction of mine - not as much of a crazy bargain as the soaps, but the formula will blow you away if you like your scrubs really dense n' scrubby.