squalane is my lane

I like natural balms as night creams but lately I have been keeping it even more simple and using 100% plant based squalane. This one that I found in Taiwan is my new favorite and to be honest, a lot of it is the packaging, because it's possible to buy pure squalane on Amazon for a little cheaper. Anyway, HABA Squalane II by Everglow Cosmetics is for all skin types and, like squalane does, leaves a non-greasy finish after your skin drinks it in for sec. Squalane is considered to be extremely close to your skin's natural oils and I think it helps overall balance my look.


The bottle is PLASTIC but with a glass-like, elegant shape and the formula is dispensed with basically an eye dropper-like nozzle. It's just super easy to travel with (under 3 oz) and I love it on my counter.