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Nubian carving (if you’re curious about Nubia,    read here   )

Nubian carving (if you’re curious about Nubia, read here)

Your skin is a canvas for makeup - but at the same time … it’s a living, breathing thing that ages, breaks out, dries out etc. Kendra Richards knew what an essential primer can be to create a smooth surface and ensure makeup lasts - but also struggled with the fact that most are packed with silicones and did little to help her skin, even though they were sitting right there as a first layer. Heir Atelier is one of those super-focused brands that was created to solve just this problem …

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The ultra-hydrating Lip Primer acts as a richly moisturizing yet magnetizing base, for long lasting color wear when applied prior to your fave shade. I love this because I normally SLATHER on a hyaluronic acid lip gloss which I actually hate on its own, and then wipe it off. No more of that, thanks.

The Face Primer by Heir Atelier is designed to be skincare & a primer in one, so it boosts hydration, smooths skin & blurs fine lines, which is nice all on its own … but it also bonds with cream or powder makeup / foundation to keep it put. I didn’t find this AS special as the lip but it’s still a nice upgrade if you’ve been using a less skin-loving primer.

Does This: Primes lips & face while taking care of your skin
Is This: Lip Primer & Face Primer by Heir Atelier
Get This: Lip Primer Face Primer
Price: $19.95-Lip Primer $42-Face Primer