how i married a blow-drying brush

OK well I found it. My one and only. I've seen others, I've reviewed others, I've even loved others. But you don't know what real love is until you feel it deep inside (your hair follicles). The Revlon Oval One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizing Styler is my new spouse. Deigned to deliver frizz-free volume as well as full-bodied curls from root to the ends of your tips in just one easy swipe, it will give you a salon-level blow out. This is a serious relationship I am in - and I am serious about the product benefit. 

heated brush review.jpg

Not only will your hair look & feel amazing but it drys faster AND with less heat-related damage. I have fine hair, Tatum has thick lush hair - and we both loved it. Here's why I think it's different: the brush head is light, wide, and flat. This means you really can get up and under for volume using the rounded edge, but you can dry a lot more hair with the flat edge. And then you can curl the ends with the rounded edge too - or not. It also has 2 heat settings and when I tell you I dumped my other blow-dry brush in the trash so fast once I realized how relatively not blowy and not hot it was .... Never going back there. It wasted the best years of my life while I was waiting on it to heat it. 

For what it is, I think the price is very nice too (but the ring it buys me for my devotion had better be upwards).