Pit Stop

Beginning in her Oregon kitchen, Jaime Schmidt was motivated to create healthier products for her family. Disappointed with the natural deodorants already on the market, she saw an opportunity to create a truly effective all-natural deodorant line - which now can now be found in hundreds of thousands of pits and homes worldwide. Smelling not of a health food store but of some kind of elegant-yet-simple niche fragrance, these deos are our new go-tos.


The Jasmine Tea-all natural deodorant is especially for sensitive skin, which I don't have but it is absolutely my favorite in terms of scent. So so pretty and easy. Our second fav from Schmidt's is the Charcoal & Magnesium mineral enriched natural deodorant, which also smells great and somehow feels cleansing when you put it on ... and no, it does not make your clothes or pits grey.