Have a Lovely Day

Just the name Lovely Day brought us a lot of joy - but this Berlin-based brand's stuff has found a true home the countertop. Delivering "modern, high-performance natural skincare, their "clean beauty" concept is the foundation of their plant based & low irritant formulas. (They also donate 5% of their online sales to animal welfare organizations - so, even Lovelier).

lovely day natural skincare

The Mellow Mallow creamy cleansing gel is non-foamy but not greasy, protecting, moisturizing & prepping skin .. I also love it because it's super gentle around the eye area. The Hyaluron + Bloom Cactus Oil & Niacinamide Topical Hydration Nectar (!) is a simple, quick-absorbing formula that works in an amazing way - it has no emulsifiers to bring together the oil and water elements, yet goes on smooth. Chamomile, aloe vera and hibiscus, babassu oil and prickly pear combine to soothe and cool, while vegan hyaluronic acid and niacinamides (vitamin B3) to provide deep, long-lasting moisture. And lastly, for those rough times of the month or travel jaunts that leave your skin less-than-fine ... there is Skin Rescue! Problem Skin Oil ... with the deep blue extract of blue tansy, it regeneraes & restores with lasting moisture.