That crisp air is so good lately

That crisp air is so good lately that I want to bag it up and eat it. I know everyone loves their pumpkin spice drink/candle/lipgloss (blegggh) and such is the trend in fragrance as the season changes: warmth, woods, etc. But I'm holding on. I'm holding out. And I'm suggesting you breeze through this transition with some crisp floral, green, and citrus scents, with or without your Ugg boots.

best citrus perfumes

Blossom by CLEAN shocked me. To candid, I don't love their laundry-like fragrances, but this is different. It's built around Tunisian neroli, orange blossom, and a Rain Lily concept, and it truly smells like a non-perfume perfume - so skin-like, feminine without being cloying or sweet. 

Bitter End by ROADS is truly a tonic. Inspired by Ireland, it smells of wild grass, fig leaf, and oakmoss (which is like a beautiful, wet forest). It has a refreshing, almost minty sweetness to it that leaves you feeling clean. There is something very signature and unique about it - a scent that invites questions. 

Cedrat Envirant by Atelier Cologne is one of those scents that you have to hide from yourself or you'll spray it a hundred times a day and all around your house. Don't go all "cedar" on the Cedrat element ... it smells like ocean air mixed with warm breezy trees, like some South of France spa. Addictive.