beauty cabinet overhaul

beauty cabinet overhaul


Completed in 3 in person or video sessions. An amazing, fun gift for someone who would benefit from guidance and inspiration for self-care; starting a new job; bride gift for honeymoon; moving to a new climate, etc! We guarantee to streamline your routine and improve your skin and look with products you will buy again and again.

  1. We review your current product arsenal including skincare, bodycare, makeup and fragrance to understand what’s working and what could be optimized. We learn your skin concerns, your routine/time/level of interest in skincare, bodycare and makeup, and your product requirements (vegan, organic, etc)

  2. We create 3 mood boards based on your inspirations and personal goals. You narrow and we create a final vision board

  3. We recommend a revised assortment of products totaling under $300 and will purchase for you with return receipt. If we have recos over this price point we will send for your consideration.

    Email us at for more info or with any questions about the process!

Includes $300 worth of returnable product.

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