Self Care Salts: Raw Pink Himalayan + Dead Sea Soak/Scrub

Self Care Salts: Raw Pink Himalayan + Dead Sea Soak/Scrub


1 pound of pure detoxifying soaking and/or scrubbing salts.

What it is:

A tie dye swirl of the world's purest natural salts. Pink Himalayan sea salt, considered to be the purest salt on earth, was crystallized with over 84 beneficial minerals more than 200 million years ago. Protected by volcanic lava, these ancient sea beds are shielded from pollution deep inside the mountain range. The Dead Sea lies at the lowest point in the world, over 1200 feet below sea level, and contains rich reserves of calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  

How we use it:

  • Use as an all-over exfoliating dry scrub to increase circulation (especially great for back of thighs and rump), and reveal smooth skin
  • Pour a handful in a bath to relax muscles and pull impurities from skin (and maybe soul).
  • Mix with your favorite body wash as a daily purifying body scrub. A little goes a long way!

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