October 29th, 2012

Unless you’re doing a sense-less test (blind/numb/nose plugged), it’s pretty much impossible to evaluate your experience of a beauty product on the effectiveness of the product alone. What makes you perceive a product as “working for you” is, in my opinion, a product of the cumulative experience - how the packaging works, the price/value relationship in terms of size etc., how good it smells, how it feels in use, the feeling it leaves behind, etc.

So I’m here to say this product really works, because:

- I don’t like the packaging; dual-ended feels gimmicky to me
- Smells a lil’ weird
- Feels strange going on; mucus-like yellow color
- Only use the night half, so arguably not a great use of money


This dual-ended doohickey from Philosophy is indeed Full of Promise, claiming to support natural collagen for “uplifting days and volumizing nights.” Whatever with that though!

I got this in a giftbag and for some reason decided to try the night side, which is a serum-like retinoid formula, and the results were seriously just awesome!  My skin looked so smooth and flawless (/is now so smooth and flawless), with no breakouts, that I just kept coming back for more. My dog recently ate this (<- where was this dog in high school) and I’ll be going out to buy more without hesitation.

If you’re looking for a good night treatment for 30’s-older skin, especially oily or acne prone skin, I highly recommend this.

Does this: Amazing night treatment for smooth, flawless skin (don’t ask me about the day side - also, the jarred version of Full of Promise is not this night treatment, it’s more like the day side)
Is this: Philosophy Full of Promise Treatment Duo
Get this: Above
Price: $75

Image: Vogue Italia; product c/o GLAM