November 26th, 2013

Shout out to the baddest cats in town, the new kids on the block, the cult classics upon birth -»

Ardency Inn

I am in love. This new, cutting edge collection of makeup is already a cult brand in our eyes. Kristin had the privilege of sitting down to learn about it with the creators and make up artist James Vincent. They gave her the breakdown on ‘how to wear' + 'how it’s made’. 

1. Everything is created to have a long wear - a punk cannot have their eyeliner run during a show, nor can a marketing gal running in between meetings.
2. This line was in development for years in order to perfect the formulas - and it shows - the colors and quality are some of the best we’ve seen.
3. Don’t be intimated by the rocker-eqsue vibes, this line is surprisingly user-friendly, so if you’re rocking out in pajamas in your bathroom with nary a You Tube tutorial in sight, you’ll be fine.


A few things that deserve a shout out: 

1. Punker Worlds Baddest Eyeliner - Kristin uses this fatty marker everyday. It has the capability of outlining a (serious) cat eye, or discretely filling in your lash line. This Eyes Like Fire Shadow Paint is insane as well. Actually the entire Punker Smokey Eye Set is worth it. 

2.  MODSTER Super Charged Lip Color -  Dark blue, hot pink, and orange.. not your every day lip flavors - all of which are created with a blend of different undertones so that they blend with any skin color. Yes even the orange, Kristin as witness.

3. AMERICANA Custom Coverage Concentrate - I am personally in love with this product. 4 products in 1. I love a super concentrated formula for blemish coverage, but I love a very, very light foundation coverage, so I blend with my favorite moisturizer of the week. This is also amazing as an undereye concealer.

Explore the entire line here:

Products c/o the brand, Image: Rabat Magazine

- Kristin & Ann

August 1st, 2013

I was talking to a friend the other day, and she mentioned how she loves having a little bit of color in the summer because it inspires her to wear less make up. It’s so true. Having color justifies losing the make up all together! Okay, well maybe not completely.

Daphne Groeneveld (pretty lady above) is my idea of a great summer look. Natural, yet tastefully refined. 

Here are two products I like to create this minimalist affair: Blinc Mascara paired with the Blinc Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen. Each come in a variety of shades and colors, I prefer the traditional black.  

Sometimes I too wonder the underlying question when it comes to mascaras - are they really all that different? After a few trials I have found that yes indeed, they are. The standout feature of BLINC mascara is the formula - 100% clean and clump free, because it actually forms tiny water resistant tubes around each lash. 

The Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen has a similar formula - clean, and ultra black. The feature of this pen that is really worth noting is the tiny fine brush - if you aren’t the best with liquid liner, this one is nearly impossible to mess up. (Speaking from experience)

But the thing that really got me, and the reason why these products are cult-worthy for a summer eye -  they do not smudge in heat, humidity, allergic eye-rubbing, etc.!

Does This: Perfect pairing to create a simple summer eye
Is This: Blinc Mascara and Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Get This:
Pay This: Mascara $26, Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner $26

Image Daphne Groeneveld for Dior

- Kristin 

April 26th, 2013

Pink neutrals + that double line effect from the lash and the eyeliner <3

Image: via Little Plastic Horses

February 16th, 2013

Electric blue + electric red backstage at Honor FW13 

And that’s a wrap for NYFW!  Thanks to Rachel Scroggins for trekking the city for me, she is my backstage hero …

Hair: Bumble + Bumble; Makeup Stila for

Image: The Greyest Ghost for Cult of Pretty

February 12th, 2013

It’s easy being green … backstage at Karen Walker FW13

Hair: Bumble & Bumble, Makeup: M.A.C.

Image: The Greyest Ghost for Cult of Pretty

September 14th, 2012

Brood SS13 - perfection, and what a great finish to the week …

Hearts and love to Rachel Scroggins for her beyond-beyond hard work shooting this week. So much more to come over on her site.

Makeup: MAC; Hair: Bumble and Bumble

Image: The Greyest Ghost for Cult of Pretty

June 26th, 2012

Very into alternative eyeliner placement of late.  If you’re ready to advance to PHD level liner studies, here’s your challenge.

Images: Elle Vietnam, makeup by Misha Shahzada, via

May 9th, 2012

See what they did there?

With the cat’s eye construction?

Images: Sebastian Kim for Numero, makeup by Maud Laceppe, via