June 15th, 2012

11 Products for Summer


All this and so much more for face, body and hair after the jump … P.S. my favorite is only $5.99 ->

I’m happy to be part of the Glam Beauty Board.  I received this massive summer beauty bag and proceeded to make myself over. Lots of these products were new to me, but a couple I had heard of and never tried … so glad I did. 

Let’s start with face:


Philosophy Clear Days Ahead ($20) is their new salicylic acid-based cleanser for oily or acne prone skin. I’ve been scrimping on a skin-sloughing cleanse lately and this is a great one to integrate (for me) at night, with a gentle soap-free cleanser in the am.  This one smells ever-so-slightly of citrus and leaves you clean without feeling stripped.


Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Tone Correcting Serum ($55) is one of the new breed of serums that treat uneven skin tone and alternative signs of aging (looking not so smooth and flawless).  It’s also great if you have redness/pigmentation left behind from healing breakouts. If you like serums and want to integrate one into your routine, this has a primer-like feeling so it’s great for applying daily under your makeup.

Speaking of makeup …


So I don’t understand myself sometimes … I love sheer lip balms with a hint of tint and I have no clue why I never tried this modern cult classic, the Clinique Chubby Stick ($16). From bottom to top, Bountiful Blush and Heaping Hazelnut are both universally pretty neutrals, but Two Ton Tomato is my new bestie.  It’s like that perfectly sheer, non-tacky, not-trying-too-hard true red lip - so perfect for a grey tee and white jeans-type-look.  By the way, these roll up using the base - it’s not like those pencils you have to sharpen.


I love a sheer cream shadow (I’m actually pretty lazy with eyeshadow) and Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Candlelight ($24) is a great basic for a wash of brightness and a little pop in the inner corners of your eyes to look awake.  It also totally doubles as a face highlighter on the tops of cheekbones.


Stila Custom Color Blush in Self-Adjusting Coral ($20) is a really pretty pink that’s very buildable - it’s hard to judge on the self-adjusting front, not sure what the change really was … but I like it.  Stila always does good fresh corals. I threw out my darker blush yesterday in favor of this - it’s summertime people!


In the next chapter of red-but-not-really, this is OPI Red Lights Ahead … Where? ($8.50) from the Holland collection.  Ironic name since it’s the least trashy color - a deep, bright coral with a touch of softness.  So good for fingers or toes.  Highly, highly recommend switching up your go-to red with this.

Now on to the bod …


If you guys aren’t wearing sunscreen, we need to talk.  Don’t be dumb!  This takes 2 seconds to apply, it’s moisturizing, it’s SPF 50, and it smells like classic summer.  No brainer: L’Oreal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen ($10.99).


So I always switch from natural to super-duper deodorant in the summer.  I just find that the natural ones don’t work in the NYC sweat; also one of my clients’ offices is so hot, I’ve had borderline embarrassing moments.  I personally wax my underarms <- I’m sure you really HAD to know that -> but if you shave and find yourself with darker pigmentation or nicks that leave a dark mark, Dove Clinical Protection Clear Tone ($6.39) helps reduce those if you use it 2x a day (before bed too).

Now for hair!


I don’t know about you guys, but I always step it up to a deep conditioner in the summer because I’m basically ravaging my hair with sun and swimming - I had never tried Keratase Masquintense Hair Mask ($48.77) but I’m rationing it because I love it now.  It smells like babies, in a good way, and I was asking myself the next day, Why is your hair SO GOOD? And I remembered I’d used this the night before.  So, there ya go.


I only like beach hair products if they smell like the beach - this one delivers in spades.  It’s Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray ($5.99) … but maybe it is like your mother’s, if your mother is a hot surfer lady with excellent taste in hair product and the good sense not to waste her money on over-priced versions of this product type.


People talk about downtown NYC like it’s the coolest place in the world, but it’s definitely not, because we don’t have a Target ANYWHERE near us.  So it’s no surprise that I didn’t realize Sonia Kashuk made this 3 Piece Travel Duffel ($39.99 - this print is out of stock online but I linked to the other print), which is a good weekender size and contains 2 zippered clear bags for your products that velcro to the side.  Smart!  Someone invite me somewhere.

Thanks to the Glam Beauty Board for this little makeover - if you guys want further info on any of these products just click through and leave a comment or click Ask Me Anything.


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