August 27th, 2014

File Under // Cult Makeup

There are a few things that attracted me makeup brand Jouer… 

1. The creator, retired model and lovely mom Christina Zilber
2. Beautiful colors, soft formulas, easy application
3. The entire line feels whimsical and romantic


You can use a single item or the entire line and love the outcome. I’m pretty sure Jouer has a little something for anyone’s face. My favorite products as of late are the Lip Sheers, specifically in the new Rosy Stain and St. Barths. They look sheer but they leave a beautiful natural looking color on my lips. 

Aside from the stains, the Luminizing Tinted Moisturizer creates a natural looking dewy glow for days you don’t feel like wearing full foundation. The Lumizing Cheek Tint is the perfect complement in shade and texture to the moisturizer. And it has a little sparkle to it.

I’ve also been using the Creme Eye Shadow Crayon in Rococo combined with the Creme Mousse Eyeshadow for fun metallic-a eyes that are all the rage this fall. I could go on for hours …

If you’ve never played with Jouer (which in French means to play) I recommend starting with a Lip Sheer or their cult Luminizing Body Glow. You can’t go wrong!

Does This: Full cosmetics line for your face
Is This: Jouer Cosmetics
Get ThisNordstroms or Birchbox 

Products c/o the brand, image via Vogue


August 15th, 2014

I just discovered the new must have secret ingredient in skincare. It’s not the easiest thing to get a hold of. Partially because it involves slaying a mythical creature. 

Dragon’s Blood.

Thanks to Rodial for the introduction. 


Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water + Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic are extremely gentle. Ironic, I know. But that is the essence of Rodial, gentle natural ingredients that achieve procedure-worthy results (hence - the hard core ingredient names). Dragon’s Blood isn’t the only curious item on the menu - Bee Venom, Glamoxy Snake, and Cougar Skin are in the running as well.

Each one of these extreme ingredients serve an extreme skin care need. Dragon’s Blood protects, plumps and hydrates skin as an alternative to injecting and pumping with fillers. The Cleansing Water is a new alternative to face wash/make up remover.It feels as light as water, but without a doubt works just as well as any of my go to grime removing products. The Hyaluronic Tonic is a perfect finish to the cleansing water. Dreamlike and rosey smelling. Mmmm.

Does This: Protects, plumps, hydrates and soothes skin
Is This: Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water | Rodial Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Water Hyaluronic Tonic
Get These: Skin Store
Price: Cleansing Water $36 | Hyaluronic Tonic $42

Product c/o the brand, Image via Vogue China


August 8th, 2014

I heard about this product when I was at dinner and the topic of eczema (cute) came up. An oh too common side effect of living in a very congested city.

One friend swears that Fresh Creme Ancienne is the only true cure, She claims it’s magic. So I had to try it.


The first thing I like about this magical creme - it come in a glass ceramic container that feels rare and special when you open it. On the front it reads “Made By Hand In A Monastery”. The story goes that this ancient formula was created and blended by monks. The creme is so fragile, it required the most caring touch. It is still blended by hand today.

This formula’s magic lies in its ability to deliver long lasting intense moisture. The cream is very dense and feels like more of a balm until it warms up on your finger. For the two weeks I have used it on my face, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the texture of my skin. I don’t have any eczema to test it out on (thank you bod) but I fully believe that this creme could cure even the fiercest of dry skin. 

Does This: Ultimate ancient moisturizer blended by monks
Is This: Fresh Creme Ancienne
Get This: Nordstrom
Price: $140

Product c/o Fresh, Image via Harper’s Bazaar China


July 29th, 2014

My most amazing friend Camilla started the site I Define My Beauty. It’s so awesome and a perfect daily read, whether you’re into fitness, health, sports or just enjoy being inspired to think differently about how you define yourself and YOUR personal definition of “beauty” - and to free yourself from definitions and perceptions that might be limiting your ability to be the awesomest.

She’s also founding Bring Your Daughters to Workout day coming up this January, to inspire a passion for strength and boundless physical (un)limitations early on!

To read her inspiring story behind the blog, watch her Ted talk here!

If you have a point of view to share on the site, the day, the talk etc., feel free to comment here or on her site.


July 18th, 2014

So you know how Nordstrom stocks so many of your favorite beauty besties - Bobbi, Kate, Jo, Laura, Trish and much more?  Well, they are having a massive Anniversary sale on Nordstrom and starting today (July 18-August 3).

They have TONS of beauty exclusives, lemme throw out some numbers - $208 value for $85, etc.


Image: Elle

July 18th, 2014

Sometimes skin care gets incredibly scientific. Even though I don’t always know the ins and outs of whats really going on when I put XYZ serum on my face, if it’s made by a brand I trust, I’ll do it. 

Clinique (creators of the infamous 3-step-system - everyone’s first solution to adolescent acne, am I right?) just created one of these magically scientific products. It’s called Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum


True to all of Clinique’s products, this serum is fragrance free and very kind to your skin. It was five years in the making - and, based on the ingredient army inside, I’m surprised it didn’t take longer. Scientific rundown of this formula is it’s ‘Smart’ because it is designed to respond to whatever your skin happens to need. A little red reduction, a little dark spot correcting, a little moisture, a little glow, even a little tightening!  Maybe it knows your face better than you do?

Unscientific rundown is it feels lovely and knowing that over time it will fight off whatever problems my skin is going to have before I know I am going to have them is a pretty great perk. This formula is just so… Smart

Does This: Daily serum formulated to respond to your skins specific wants and needs
Is This: Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum
Get This: Sephora
Price: $89

Product c/o the brand, Image: Visionaire


July 17th, 2014
I have a lot of gratitude for Bloglovin for supporting my blog from the beginning, and if you don’t know about their Bloglovin Awards … you do now!
If you have a minute please consider your favorites and CAST YOUR VOTE, from beauty to fashion to street style to brand blogs, and everything in between

I have a lot of gratitude for Bloglovin for supporting my blog from the beginning, and if you don’t know about their Bloglovin Awards … you do now!

If you have a minute please consider your favorites and CAST YOUR VOTE, from beauty to fashion to street style to brand blogs, and everything in between


July 16th, 2014

I have never experienced DIY in prestige skincare until now. 

this is scientist + skittles taste the rainbow + custom serum for your face

What could I possibly be talking about?

Skin Inc, a Japan based company (always on the cutting edge) just released the world’s FIRST skin supplement bar called My Daily Dose


Here is the game. See the little droplet bottles above with the different colored circles floating about? Each one of those is a different type of serum specialized for a different type of skin need. For example, the purple one is Licorice serum for sensitive skin, the green one is Collagen serum for wrinkles, etc. 

After taking a quick quiz, Skin Inc helps you identify your top 3 skin needs and recommends your 3 corresponding serums, THEN (and this is the fun part) you can choose one of these rainbow colored bottles and combine the 3 serums to make your own custom Daily Dose

My Daily Dose consists of a little purple, sky blue, and red.

(This is one of the coolest beauty systems I’ve played ever with)  

Does This: Create a serum customized for your skins needs
Is This: Skin Inc My Daily Dose
Get This:
Price: $85 per 20ml serum

Product c/o the brand, Image via FGR


July 8th, 2014

I tried something new this weekend that I had never tried before, and I’ve been telling everyone about it since. (Spread the word!)

NYC based Cecilia Wong was born to work in skincare. She figured out at the age of 14 that if eating fruit is good for your skin, it must also work as a product. Cecilia started making blueberry/papaya masks later that day. Since then, she’s graduated from fruit masks to her own skincare line and cult facial spa.                  


Cecilia specializes in 3 different types of unique non irritating facials - Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy, and Oxygen. I went for Door #3 Oxygen. This is what happened: Cecilia spent the first 15 or 20 minutes massaging my face with a gentle cleanser (amazing), followed by extractions (necessary), and then she did the Oxygen Treatment. This treatment entails using a small oxygen dispensing devise (similar to what they use to blow water off your teeth at the dentist) mixed with Vitamin C and aloe. She infused every pore on my face with 100% pure O2. Treating your skin with pure oxygen is like feeding your cells an extremely healthy meal - it gives them the energy they need to replenish. She finished by applying her Black Currant Serum to my face. 

I left with healthy/glowing skin and two days later I do not have a single red/dry patch in sight. O2 really works! Huge thanks to Cecilia Wong for my dose of oxygen. I hope to see you again in the near future. Maybe for Microcurrent :)

Does This: Cleans, replenishes, hydrates skin with oxygen - reduces signs of aging, redness, dryness and promotes new cell growth
Is This: Cecilia Wong Oxygen Facial
Get This: Cecilia Wong NYC
Price: $200 + tax (worth every penny)

Service c/o Cecilia Wong, Image from Vogue Turkey June 2014