April 21st, 2014

Furthering our facial oil obsession.. estelle & thild is a cult brand in Northern Europe (ie. land of the tall/blond/beautiful). They recently just sailed over to the US of A via Net-A-Porter Beauty. One of my favorite URLs on the www. 


estelle & thild has a variety of skin care products from lip glosses, to toners and cleansers, hand lotions, facial creams etc etc. But their most coveted items are their face serums and oils. 

The Age Control Serum + Repairing Oil Complex (above) is the recipe for extremely happy, protected skin that carries a youthful glow at any age. A mixture of antioxidants and marine micro-algae make it possible. My skin is currently eating it up.

This formula is light and soft with just the teeniest bit of an airy floral aroma. Oh, and did I mention that all of estelle & thild’s products are 100% certified organic? We love this line.

Does This: Keeps skin radiant, youthful, moisturized, free-radical-free
Is This: estelle & thild Repairing Oil Complex
Get This: Selfridges
Price: $98.33

Product c/o the brand, Image via


April 19th, 2014

I am a hoarder of lipsticks. Really, I can’t help myself. Ilia Lipsticks are quickly becoming my new lip-obsession. 


I love so many things about these little gems - the packaging, the colors, the names, the fact that they’re made from all-natural ingredients, and that they don’t dry your lips out. They go on relatively sheer but can be layered or reapplied for a more intense wash of color. I’ve been wearing In My Room - a pretty pink neutral. I’m not afraid to put it on sans mirror … yes, we have established that level of trust.

The Tinted Lip Conditioners take the properties of the lip sticks but are even more hydrating - and the two combined is the perfect lip-storm. 

Does This: Beautiful color for lips - all natural and hydrating
Is This: Ilia Lip Stick - In My Room
Get This: Net-A-Porter
Price: $26

Product c/o the brand, Image via


April 18th, 2014

James Read should be considered a guru of self tanning. To think I never knew about this product until recently… 


Like everyone, I love a tan but I am well aware of the repercussions of a bad sunburn and fear ‘safe’ tanning my way to orange. That’s why when I heard about the James Read Sleep Mask Tan, I was a little wary … because as much as I like a little glow, I’ve never used self tanner on my face. 

This product is culty x 100. It sells out everywhere - and now I understand why. It’s a cloudy clear gel-like formula that you smooth over clean skin before bed. Then when you wake up and look in the mirror - voilà. It wasn’t that I was exceptionally bronze, but my skin had this wonderful healthy glow and my face had become all the same color. It was as if I fell asleep and spent the night somehow in the sun soaking in Vitamin D. I felt like I could run out to work without make up on. (Not that I did … but we’ll see about this summer).

Seriously, you have to try this.

Does This: Sleep mask 
Is This: James Read Sleep Mask Tan
Get This: Net-A-Porter
Price: $43

Product c/o the brand, Image via


April 15th, 2014

We love BB’s because they are an all-in-one solution to multiple different products. Here is a new one for you..

BB Cream for thy tresses. 

(DISCLAIMER: it doesn’t turn your hair to above color, though we wouldn’t mind if it did..)


Ecru Acacia Protein BB Cream is an all-in-one styling solution for hair. Upon first squeeze, I found a light and airy conditioning formula that is quadro powered to strengthen, tame, moisturize, and protect. Star ingredients include Acacia Collagen™, Silk Protein, Jojoba Oil, and Monoi Oil.. which we lusted over not too long ago. An unstoppable combination that smells lovely. 

I have some pretty ill-behaved flyaways around the front of my face that become especially noticeable whilst blow drying.. they are no match for this BB. 

Does This: All-In-One BB Cream for hair
Is This: Ecru Acacia Protein BB Cream
Get This: OpenSky
Price: $30.00

Product c/o the brand. Image via 


April 12th, 2014

These are more than just delicious soaps that make showers feel like bathing in hot tea water (in the best way).

They are the result of someones effort to better the world.. see below


Erin Zaikis started making Sundara soaps after her life changing adventure abroad. [Read the full story here.]  Each soap is hand made, chalked with beautiful aromatic spices, molded into an exotic flower, and packaged up in a little linen pouch. There are three different types, each representative of the country that it was inspired by. Profits benefit programs that support hygiein in Ghana, Thailand, and Mumbai..   

See the impact Sundara is having in Haiti - installing clean water systems and teaching youngin’s how to wash their hands!

Click here for the video 

Does This: Soaps that provide beauty for a better world  
Is This: Sundara Soaps
Get This: LiveSundara.com
Price: $7.99

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April 11th, 2014

a whimsical fairy-like look backstage this morning with Marchesa Bridal 2015 

Hairy by Kerastase, Makeup by Revlon 

Cult of Pretty photography

April 11th, 2014

The sun is awake later and slowly 30 temperature days are being phased out.. leaving me on a summer skincare bender. 

My ideal qualities in a great summer skin line - light, quick to dry, non greasy, gentle and eau natural. California Naturel, is all that. 

Maybe it’s the printed palms on the front, this line makes me think of products found in a tropical resort or spa. It makes sense, California Naturel did draw their product inspo from the beachy terrain of California. The Gentle Cleansing Gel, Nourishing Cream, and Balancing Complex are a nice reflection of this.


All three products met all of my summer skincare criteria and then some. I really love the Balancing Complex. It is a light gel formula, so light it’s closer to a liquid than a gel. Perfect for summer skin that get’s a little oily - it’s moisturizing but dries to a soft matte finish. The Nourishing Cream while still light has a little more substance, great for those still recovering from artificial heat or looking to beat fine lines. All three products incorporate natural ingredients that faces love including aloe, olive and jojoba oils, and alfafa extract. 

Does This: Cleansing, moisturizing, natural skincare line
Is This: California Naturel
Get This: CaliforniaNaturel.com
Price: Gentle Cleansing Gel $33 | Balancing Complex $45 | Nourishing Cream $45

Products c/o the brand, Image via Fashion Gone Rogue


April 7th, 2014

So thrilled to have been asked to take part in Rimmel London’s Mod Mania campaign.  I grew up in London and have been using this cult British brand’s makeup my whole life - their products just keep getting better.


For this 60’s inspired look, created by Yuui for Rimmel (hair by my girl Remy Lane Moore), we pumped up a cat eye with an extra thick inky line using Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner, and created a softer version of the classic mod look using Scandaleyes Shadow Stick in Witness White and Scandaleyes Shadow Paint in Mercury Silver. The upper lashes were faux, enhanced with Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara which we also applied to the bottom lashes to complete the look.  Check out the ingenious brush which wings out lashes and plumps them at the center … for bold, wide-eyed volume inspired by the Twiggy era.


If you’re inspired to create a look inspired by the mod era, click over to Rimmel’s tumblr to upload (and find tons of inspiration) for a chance to win prizes from Rimmel London … including a trip to New York City!  You can also simply tag your tweets or Instagram looks with #ModMonday and @rimmellondonus.

And check out the whole Retro Glam campaign for even more inspiration!

Does This: Creates retro glam inspired looks for less
Is This: Rimmel London Scandaleyes collection
Get This: Walmart, Walgreens, Target and tons of other convenient spots (click here).
Price: Around $6

Image: Aaron Wenck for Rimmel; Makeup Yuui; hair Remy Lane Moore). This project created in collaboration with Rimmel London.

March 31st, 2014

I (regrettably) just came back from a beach getaway. During which I decided to let my skin soak in all the sun (spf protected) it could and use minimal to no make up. 

During this skin-restation period, I tried out the Earth Tu Face Voyage Travel Kit - featuring mini size Earth Tu Face products. As the name suggests these products really are the earth, on your face. 


Earth tu Face was created by two herbalists in California, who took ingredients in their purest forms and created this line. Using them after stepping out of a steaming show does feel like herbal therapy thanks fo the light natural textures, refreshing and gentle formulas, and unmistakable aromas of earth. The cleanser, serum, and body butter provided in the kit were the perfect trifecta for my resting skin. As if I sent my face alone on a yoga retreat. 

An interesting note - the body butter uses coconut oil (love) and cardamom. The cardamom gives it a somewhat spicy decadent aroma. At first I was a little conspicuous of the scent but after using it a handful of times I decided, it’s really amazing. 

Does This: Au natural travel size cleanser, serum, and body butter 
Is This: Earth Tu Face Voyage Travel Kit
Get This: Need Supply Co
Price: $64

Products c/o the brand, Image via


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March 28th, 2014

Let’s discuss actual no makeup realness - and what it takes to go there. Clearasil invited me to participate in their #wintheday campaign to which I say, cheers, and dunzo - because I just put an unretouched photo of my face with no makeup on the internet.

Even though I am old an adult, my skin is, like, super immature (in a bad way) and I still get breakouts - weirdly as I get older, they migrate from place to place, like a sad nation of displaced losers. Right now, in their 3rd decade as a society, they have taken up residence on my jawline.

Anyway, I’m a believer in spending on skincare products when it’s worth it, but when it comes to zits it really doesn’t make sense to spend my grown-up money on grown-up priced luxury products that have similar active ingredients to the cultest of all classic acne fighters - Clearasil.

The folks at Refinery 29 and Clearasil sent me the Daily Clear collection, which is all about simplicity, yummy smells, antioxidant Superfruits, and Salicylic Acid (to help unclog pores and reduce breakouts).


Since you’re already on the internet, you can head over to the offers section of the Clearasil site to pick up coupons for these fighters, because hey, free money!

Does This: Cult classic skin clearing goodness for modern times, at a very very reasonable price (
Is This: Clearasil Daily Clear Collection
Get This: Your drugstore
Price: $5.99 each 

Photo of my face by Rachel Scroggins; post and face brought to you by Refinery 29 and Clearasil - thanks guys!